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Leaders Wading Through Options for Pools

Leaders Wading Through Options for Pools
Original story by Marla K. Kuhlman

Gahanna leaders are exploring ways to continue to offer safe pools and enjoyable for residents while planning for a sustainable financial future.

Parks and recreation director Tony Collins is expected to provide information to Gahanna City Council on Aug. 25 regarding the past, present and possible future operations of the pools.

Residents are invited to attend the committee meeting, Collins said, but a public-involvement meeting will be scheduled for September at a time, date and location to be determined.

The city outsourced pool and concession operations to Columbus Pool Management and Cardinal Vending & Concessions, respectively, this summer at Gahanna Swimming Pool and Hunters Ridge Pool.

At that time, Collins said, outsourcing wasn't necessarily the "silver bullet" for the city's pool problems.

The city wasn't planning to reopen the pools in 2015, but several residents have expressed concerns about the planned closures.

In a report to council, Collins said he's pleased that the parks and recreation department has assisted the community by providing pool opportunities for residents over the past 12 years.

Gahanna was asked to assume ownership and operations of the Hunters Ridge Pool in 2002 and the Gahanna Swimming Pool in 2008.

"We have served thousands of Gahanna families each year and have done it in a financially responsible manner," Collins said. "As the swimming season ends this year, a major challenge lies in front of our community. We have been asked to find a way to continue to offer safe aquatic opportunities while planning for a sustainable financial future for our city."

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