City of Gahanna

200 South Hamilton
Gahanna, OH 43230

(614) 342-4000
(614) 342-4100 Fax

Hours of Operation
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

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City of Gahanna
200 South Hamilton
Gahanna, OH 43230

Hours of Operation
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

(614) 342-4000
(614) 342-4100 Fax
Mayor's Office (614) 342-4045
Visit Mayor's Office Department
Mayor Tom Kneeland
City Administrator Jennifer Teal
Administrative Assistant Rita Westhoff
Director of Marketing & Communications Vacant
Public Information Manager Níel M. Jurist
Public Information/Marketing Coordinator   Beth McCollam
Planning & Development Department (614) 342-4015
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Director Anthony Jones
Deputy Director Michael Blackford
Economic Development Manager Emanuel Torres
Administrative Assistant Sharon Patterson

Finance Department (614) 342-4060
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Director of Finance Joann Bury
Payroll Coordinator Ann DeMuth
Finance Coordinator
Chris Wright
Finance Coordinator Jessica Gleich
Finance Clerk Deb Stemen

Human Resource Department (614) 342-4457
Visit Human Resource Department
Human Resources Director Abby Cochran
Human Resources Administrator Melissa Jackson
Human Resources Assistant
Nancy Ballenger
Administrative Assistant
Paula Benner

Mayor's Court (614) 342-4080
Visit Mayor's Court Department
Clerk of Courts Amanda Parker
Deputy Clerk Paula Tenzos
Deputy Clerk Christy Cox

Emergency Management

 (614) 342-4240
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 Gahanna Police Department
Sgt. Pat Millenbaugh

Parks & Recreation Department (614) 342-4250
Visit Parks & Rec Department
Director Jeffrey Barr
Office Coordinator  Pam Ripley
  Parks & Recreation Facilities Division (614) 342-4250
  Parks & Facilities Superintendent Alan Little
  Facilities Foreman Marty White
  Parks - City Forester Rob Wendling
  Parks Foreman Jim Ferguson
  Recreation Division (614) 342-4250
  Recreation Superintendent Brian Gill
  Recreation Supervisor Zac Guthrie
  Recreation Supervisor  Sara Crombie 
  Recreation Supervisor  Scott Haden
  Golf Course Supervisor Joe Hebdo
  Senior Center Supervisor Patrick Monaghan
Public Safety Department (614) 342-4240
Visit Public Safety Department
Director Mark Thomas
Chief of Police Dennis Murphy
Deputy Chief  Jeff Spence
Office Manager Terrie Snider

City Council (614) 342-4090
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Ward One 
Stephen A. Renner
At Large
Nancy McGregor
At Large Karen J. Angelou
At Large  Brian Metzbower
Ward Two Michael Schnetzer
Ward Three (President)
Brian Larick
Ward Four (Vice President) Jamie Leeseberg

Clerk of Council Kim Banning, CMC
Deputy Clerk of Council Kayla Holbrook
Records Coordinator
Krystal Gonchar

Public Service and Engineering (614) 342-4005
Visit Services Department
  Administrative Division   (614) 342-4005
  Director Dottie Franey
  Deputy Director ​Grant Crawford
  Administrative Technician Jennifer Hamilton
  Administrative Assistant Gina Sheppard
  Receptionist & Mail Coordinator Linda James and Jeanie Hersey
  Building Division  (614) 342-4010
  Chief Building Official Ken Fultz
  Building and Heating Inspector Mike Frey
  Building and Zoning Specialist Fredena Williams
  Engineering Division (614) 342-4050
  City Engineer Robert Priestas
  Project Engineer Kirk.Neely
  Water Resources Engineer Jeff Feltz
  Project Administrator Vacant
  Program Technician Jill Webb
  Facilities Maintenance Division (614) 342-4005
  Facilities Maintenance Coordinator  Adam Grove
  Fleet Division (614) 342-4400
  Fleet Management Superintendent Greg Knoblock
  Fleet Foreman Duane Larason
  Service Technician Mike Martin
  Service Technician Ralph Swartz
  Service Technician Rick Darst
  Streets & Utilities Division (614) 342-4425
  Streets and Utilities Superintendent Russ Sims
  Streets Foreman Kevin Mumper
  Utilities Foreman Matt Jones
  Utility Billing, Refuse, Recycling Division (614) 342-4440
  Utility Billing Specialist Brenda Wilson
  Utility Billing Specialist Donna Harper
  Utility Billing Specialist
Ryan Jolley
  Zoning Division   (614) 342-4025
  Zoning Administrator Bonnie Gard
  Code Enforcement Officer Brian Reynolds
  Customer Service Coordinator/Zoning Clerk Kelly Wicker
Technology Department (614) 342-4070
Visit Technology Department
Director Craig Main
Network Administrator Brandon McCorkle
Systems Administrator Brian Weaver
IT Support Specialist Vacant
GIS Administrator Joe Collin


Code Enforcement Officer
Code Enforcement Officer