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About the Department of Planning & Development

Gahanna offers a special quality of life that makes it a great community to call home for you, your family, and your business. The mission of Gahanna's Planning & Development Department is to reaffirm and strengthen this quality of life through community and economic development initiatives. The Planning & Development department consists of professionals specializing in planning, economic development, and program administration all working together to serve the needs of the Gahanna community. 

Economic Development Division
Bringing in new companies and helping our existing local businesses grow serves Gahanna through increased jobs and economic growth. Through targeted initiatives and programs, our Economic Development Division strives to grow Gahanna’s economic base through business retention, expansion and attraction activities. Click here to learn more.

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Planning Division
Planning for Gahanna’s growth and redevelopment in both the short and long term reinforces our community’s success. The Planning Division manages this growth and provides support for the City’s permitting, zoning and land use planning activities. The Planning Division also supports the City of Gahanna’s Planning Commission.

Land Use Plans
The City of Gahanna is actively seeking proposals from qualified firms with considerable experience in planning, community design, architectural analysis, land use, citizen participation and other relevant areas to prepare a comprehensive land use plan.  The City wishes to consolidate and incorporate our existing plans into a new plan that reflects the community's vision for the future.  Please see the RFP below for the full project scope.

Land Use Plan RFP
Land Use Plan RFP Questions and Responses

In order to ensure the effective and orderly growth of the City, Gahanna has adopted a variety of land use plans that provide unique development principles within key areas of the City. Land use plans outline the community’s vision for an area and provide a framework for development. The community vision, objectives, and principles within each land use plan is unique and varied.

Development proposals are subject to the principles and objectives found within the applicable land use plan in addition to other rules and regulations found within the codified ordinances. It is important to note that land use plans are meant to guide development proposals and decisions, they do not mandate specific requirements.

Below are the City’s land use plan and area plans. 

Land Use Plan
Hamilton Road Corridor Plan
Heartland Concept Plan
North Triangle Plan
Olde Gahanna Design Guidelines
Olde Gahanna Vision Plan
South Triangle Plan
West Gahanna Development Study

Please contact the Planning and Development Department at 614.342.4015 for additional information.

Planning & Development
200 South Hamilton
Gahanna, OH 43230

(614) 342 -4015

Hours of Operation
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM M-F

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Help Us Maintain a Pollinator Habitat in Gahanna!

Help Us Maintain a Pollinator Habitat in Gahanna!

This past spring Mayor Tom Kneeland signed a proclamation making Gahanna a Pollinator Community. This initiative is important because pollinators are threatened with a loss of habitat and food sources. A pollinator is any animal that visits plants and moves pollen. Bees and butterflies are among the most popular pollinators, but beetles, bats, flies, hummingbirds and moths are others. Pollinators are essential for human, animal and plant survival. 

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Columbia Gas Expanding with $38M Training Center in Gahanna

Columbia Gas Expanding with $38M Training Center in Gahanna

Columbia Gas of Ohio is building a $38 million training center in Gahanna, allowing the natural gas utility to bring in hundreds of workers from around the state for training in a centralized location.

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City Releases Economic Development Strategy

City Releases Economic Development Strategy

The City of Gahanna has released its Economic Development strategy. The purpose of this strategy is to identify the community's economic potential to attract and retain business and spur development in the city.  The strategy is intended to serve as a guide for policymakers, community stakeholders, local businesses and future investors.

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Gahanna Among Top 10 Recognized as American Cities of the Future

Gahanna Among Top 10 Recognized as American Cities of the Future

Each year, fDi Intelligence publishes a report, American Cities of the Future, ranking cities in North America under five categories: Economic Potential, Business Friendliness, Human Capital and Lifestyle, Cost Effectiveness and Connectivity. This year, Gahanna was among those recognized as one of the winners and was ranked 9th best micro city in North America for its Economic Potential and Human Capital and Lifestyle.

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Property Owner FAQ: A Guide to Common Questions

Property Owner FAQ: A Guide to Common Questions

Click the link above to view a guide to common questions regarding streets, utilities, snow removal, water and others.

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Shops at Rocky Fork

Shops at Rocky Fork

The Shops at Rocky Fork Development is a transformative project located at the intersection of Rocky Fork South and Hamilton Road. The private sector, led by Wagenbrenner Company and Courtfield Properties, acquired 12 residential properties and will construct three neighborhood based retail facilities on the site.

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