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The Ohio Herb Education Center is located in the City of Gahanna, the Herb Capital of Ohio, just east of downtown Columbus and adjacent to Port Columbus. As head of the Herbal Trail, we can create an herbal experience that your group will not forget. For more information on what Gahanna has to offer, visit the Gahanna Visitors Bureau. Plan your visit today!

Teas, Tonics & Elixirs 
Sometimes the right combination of herbs and liquids can create a not only a healthy drink but a tasty beverage too. This class will simplify the complex art of brewing herbal teas. Learn new techniques like infusions and decoctions; understand what makes a tonic different than a tea and when to brew one or the other. Discover the allure surrounding elixirs.

Thyme for Fun in the Kitchen
Herbs can be the signature part of a culinary experience with their sweet, tart, and pungent flavors. Discover the fun facts about popular kitchen blends such as Herbs de Provence. Learn new ways to enhance every day recipes with herbals salts, sugars, butters and simple syrups. Participants come away inspired to create their own culinary creations using herbs. 

Cleaning – The Herbal Way
Receive herbal “eco friendly” ideas for cleaning your home. Natural cleaning products made right in your own home provide better indoor air quality, greatly reduce the use of toxic products, and help save money. Learn how to make your own home-made soft scrub, herbal laundry aids, window cleaner, and herbal air fresheners.

The Symbolic Language of Herbs 
Before texting, emails and even phones, people used to communicate with plant bouquets. Floriography, the language of flowers, was a practice that focused specific meanings and messages in the arrangement and with particular flowers and herbs. We will discuss the history of this practice and how it has been transformed through the ages, particularly by the Victorian era. Learn the secret messages of some of our favorite garden herbs. 

Sacred Herbs of the Bible 
Herbs have been a part of human life since the dawn of civilization. They had a seamless integration in all aspects of family life, as food, medicine and in ritual. One can find them in several passages in the Bible, illustrating the themes and stories. In this lecture we will learn about the spiritual link that Rosemary, Hyssop, Spikenard, Dill and Lavender all contributed to our past and how they can be significant additions to our modern lifestyle.

Cost: $12.50 per person per 45 minute-1 hour; 6 person minimum
1 1/2 hour and 2 hour demonstrations available, please call for details.

This hands-on craft allows participants to experience how easy it is to incorporate herbs into a simple take home product. Each craft is themed to match the related experiential workshop.

Cost: $4 per person; 6 person minimum


Guided Tour of Geroux Herb Gardens
Herb Center staff will guide you on a private tour of the City of Gahanna’s beautiful herb gardens. The Geroux Herb Garden features themed garden areas including Scented, Culinary, Biblical and Medicinal Gardens.

Cost: $4 per person; 6 person minimum