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Civil Service

Civil Service is the employment system that establishes entry level and promotional positions for the classified service of the City of Gahanna. The Civil Service Commission has the power to hear and decide appeals from administrative determinations pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations as enacted by City Council.

Rules and Regulations
The Commission operates under Rules & Regulations which were originally written in 1970, amended several times over the years.

The Civil Service Commission provides a framework through its Rules & Regulations for the periodic testing for various classified positions in the City through the Department of Human Resources.

Each position has a separate testing process and application period. There is no general test, and the exams from other government agencies do not apply. Certain positions may require a physical fitness test and/or a practical demonstration of skill. The names of persons passing all testing are placed on eligibility lists and vacancies are filled from these lists.

The Department of Human Resources receives applications, administers tests and does all notifications to applicants. Under Civil Service Rules, eligibility lists shall be fixed for a period of one year but can be extended for an additional 6 months.

The Civil Service Commission hears appeals to any decisions made through the testing and hiring process.  Please see the Civil Service Rules & Regulations, Chapter 149 of the Codified Ordinances of Gahanna and the Rules of Procedure of the Civil Service Commission.   
     -Chapter 149, Civic Service Commission
     -Civil Service Commission Rules & Regulations
     -Civil Service Commission Rules of Procedure

Employment Applications
Employment Applications, as well as postings of currently available positions, are available online. All applications must be completed online and any questions prior to the end of the process should be directed to the Department of Human Resources at 342-4455. After the process is completed and the eligibility list established, any questions on the appeal process should be directed to the Civil Service Commission through the Council Office at 342-4090. View current job listings.

The Civil Service Commission meets in January each year to organize for that year and thereafter on an as needed basis.  Agendas and Minutes for all meetings are here. All meetings of the Commission are open to the public. Questions may be directed to the Clerk's Office at 614-342-4090.
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