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Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety and Enforcement

The Gahanna Division of Police is dedicated to promoting roadway safety in order to provide and maintain a safe travel environment throughout the city. With a focus on reducing traffic-related injuries, the Division’s Operations Bureau is responsible for developing and implementing traffic safety strategies incorporating residential streets, major thoroughfares, and interstate highway. These measures include high-visibility neighborhood patrols, targeted enforcement initiatives to remove impaired drivers from behind the wheel and other traffic safety mobilizations.

As part of our fully integrated problem-solving process, we recognize the benefit of technology as a catalyst for innovative ideas. To advance our neighborhood safety objectives and increase public awareness, we deploy a variety of equipment. This includes speed monitoring devices and a survey instrument capable of collecting timely and accurate information, such as roadway speeds, traffic volume counts, and other roadway data (See Traffic Survey Results). With these resources and other tools, our officers work to achieve our unified goal of reducing crashes and saving lives.

To further encourage and cultivate support for traffic safety, we work in partnership with a coalition of law enforcement, education, and health and safety organizations. We recognize the value of proactive traffic enforcement in reducing the occurrence of crime and its tangible impact on detecting, intercepting, and deterring those who seek to commit it. Through these efforts, and with active support from our diverse communities, The Division of Police strives to ensure safe and secure roadways for all those that live, recreate, or commute within the city of Gahanna and to fulfill our overall mission – To Serve and Protect.

A summary of collected information is listed below by street name.

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To request a speed survey or enforcement activity in your neighborhood, please contact:
Lieutenant Ethan Moffitt at 614-342-4213 or email

For a map of all impaired driving arrests for 2010, click here.


Distracted driving is not limited to texting or talking on the phone.
It is doing anything that prevents the driver from having full control of the vehicle.

In Gahanna, if you are pulled over for not maintaining full time and attention while driving,

you could be fined up to $250 and even serve jail time.
And now in Gahanna a first offense is a fourth degree misdemeanor.

There is nothing more important than your safety. Focus on the road and get there safely.