Snow Removal

Gahanna established its snow removal policy to help ensure that roads throughout the City are cleared in a safe, logical and fiscally responsible manner. Every street in Gahanna is placed into one of four categories. Many factors are taken into consideration when categorizing each street including usage, access but above all, safety. The category determines the priority of when and how streets are treated and cleared. The four categories include:

  • Arterial: main streets that experience the most traffic volume and are essential to maintaining traffic flow through the city (i.e. N Hamilton Rd, Stygler Rd, Granville St)
  • Collector: Streets that lead to arterial streets (i.e. Tresham Rd, Lincolnshire Rd, Flint Ridge Dr)
  • Residential: Neighborhood streets (i.e. Wickham Wy, Knights Ave, Iroquois Park Pl)
  • Courts & Dead Ends: Cul-de-sacs (may or may not lead to collector streets)

In a plowing event, arterial streets are plowed first. After all the arterial streets are cleared, plows will then work on the collector streets. Following collector streets are residential streets and then courts. We ask that residents have patience during snow and ice events. Ideally every street would be treated or cleared immediately; however, limited resources such as equipment and manpower require the City to act in the most efficient and safe manner. In such events, the Service Department's Streets Division works with the Police Department around the clock to ensure the safety of all who drive on Gahanna's roadways.

On Street Parking

Vehicles parked on the street during snow and ice events make it difficult for the snow plows to properly clear the streets and present a legitimate hazard. If possible, refrain from parking on the street during snow and ice events. This will enable the snow removal process to be completed quickly and more efficiently. It will also prevent vehicles from being 'plowed in'. If a vehicle is plowed in, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to dig it out.

Driveways and Sidewalks

The City is responsible for clearing roadways and bridges. Property owners are responsible for driveways, driveway approaches and sidewalks (Ohio Revised Statutes (ORC) 723.011). When streets are plowed it is inevitable that some snow will be pushed into the driveway approach. Unfortunately, this is simply unavoidable. It is recommended that you shovel the end of your driveway (driveway approach) after the street has been plowed. This will prevent the need to re-shovel this section. The City will not come back and plow driveway approaches. This is the property owner's responsibility. If you are physically unable to shovel your approach, various companies can be hired to provide this service.


The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regulations require residents to provide and erect at their own expense mailboxes which meet USPS official standards. The front mailbox and door should be 6 inches behind the back edge of curb and 38-42 inches above the ground. If these guidelines are followed it will ensure that the City plows will not physically hit the mailbox. If your mailbox is damaged by a plow or by the force of snow pushed off the plow, please contact the Service Department at 614-342-4005.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the City's snow removal policy, please contact the Service Department at 614-342-4005