The City of Gahanna requires permits for a variety of projects from community signs to new building construction. Provided below is a list of permits and relevant information to assist with the application process. For questions or more information, please contact the appropriate department. 

Notice to Contractors and Residents
The City will transition to a new online permitting software, OpenGov, in Fall 2024. Please stay tuned for transition updates over the next few months.

Building Permits

The Division of Building issues permits, reviews plans, inspects construction work and enforces building regulations. Building contractors and residents can apply, pay, and obtain their residential and commercial building permits online. Paper copies of construction plans, if applicable, must be submitted after applying for the permit online. For more information, please get in touch by emailing Building or contacting by phone, at 614-342-4010.


Commercial or Multi-Family of 4 or More Units

Please provide four (4) sets of construction plans conforming to the Ohio Building Code (OBC). A registered seal must be submitted with the commercial building permit application.

Note: Commercial sheds over 120 sq. ft. require a building permit. Please provide foundation details in addition to other requirements identified in the application.

Inspection Requests

Contractors and residents can request inspections online or by leaving a voicemail. Inspections must be received by 2 PM if requested for the following day. Online requests are encouraged as you will receive a confirmation email for the request and can track the status through the portal. 


Electrical inspections are only performed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This includes solar projects which require the electrical inspection to be approved before a final building inspection. 

To leave a voicemail, call the Building Division at 614-342-4010 and press 1 to leave your inspection request. Please include the permit number, project address, inspection type, date requested, and a contact name and phone number. The omission of required information may delay the scheduling of the inspection.

Engineering Permits

The Department of Engineering administers right-of-way permits for any work conducted in the public right-of-way. For more information, please get in touch by emailing Right-of-Way or contacting by phone, at 614-342-4050.

Community Sign Permit

The Parks and Recreation Department manages the ten (10) community signs located at major intersections across the City. Community signs are used to promote non-profit, non-commercial, and non-political organizations and locally sponsored city events. There is no charge for the permit; however, it must be reviewed by the Parks and Facilities Superintendent for approval. These signs measure 47 5/8 inches by 47 5/8 inches (which is one-half of the sign structure). For more information, please call 614-342-4000. 

Zoning Permits

The Division of Zoning reviews projects and requests related to the City's Zoning Code. The zoning code identifies two types of requests, zoning permits, and planning applications, that may be required depending on the type of project. For more information, visit the Zoning Division's page.