Zoning Division

Application Process

The Zoning Division handles various permit applications including those for fences, Planning Commission and signage. Please refer to the appropriate section in the City Code when completing an application. Application fees may be paid by cash, check, credit card or money order.

For Code Enforcement, call 614-342-4022 or email Code Enforcement for assistance in the application process. Please note: The following concerns are not regulated by Code Enforcement. To report these concerns, please call the Gahanna Police Department non-emergency line at 614-342-4240 at the time of the incident.

  • Noise violations, barking dogs, or loose dogs
  • Structures placed on the street (e.g., basketball hoops or storage units)
  • Vehicles or trailers parked on the street
  • Vehicles or trailers parked obstructing the portion of the sidewalk in the driveway

Download: Current Fee Schedule (PDF), City Code, Do I Need a Permit? (PDF)

Zoning Certificate

Zoning Certificates are used to permit structures that are not regulated by the Building Code such as pergolas and freestanding decks under 200 square feet. Requirements such as setbacks and location are reviewed to verify compliance with the Zoning Code Please contact the Zoning Division at 614-342-4025 with any questions.

Download: Zoning Certificate Application (PDF)

Planning Commission

Planning Commission, required by City Charter, is a commission that evaluates and acts on plans, maps and applications for changes to the physical characteristics of Gahanna and advises City Council on issues concerning the preparation of plans and maps for the future physical development and harmonious improvements of the city.

In cases dealing with zoning changes, amendments or alterations, Planning Commission acts in an advisory role by submitting a recommendation to City Council on the proper course of action. Visit the Planning Commission's page for more information including hearing dates.

The Zoning Division is the liaison between developers and Planning Commission. As such, the following applications are to be submitted to the Zoning Division with the intent to be seen by Planning Commission.

Zoning & Planning Applications

The following applications may or may not be seen by the Planning Commission and may be approved administratively, as deemed appropriate by the Zoning administrator:

  • Design Review-Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Floodplain Use
  • Home Occupation
  • Personal Wireless Service Facilities Colocation
  • Subdivision Without Plat

(Land use plans can be obtained on the Department of Planning and Development page.)

Zoning Map

To find the zoning designation and codes for a particular parcel, simply type an address into the search bar or zoom into an area of the map. Click on the parcel to get a pop-up with the zoning classification and a direct link to the codes. In addition, you can expand the legend to see all of the color classifications per zone.