Gahanna Direct


Gahanna-Direct-LogoGahanna Direct is your ultimate service request portal. Seamlessly connecting you with City of Gahanna officials, this innovative platform revolutionizes the way the City addresses non-emergency concerns. Experience the ease of reporting issues like potholes or clogged drains directly to the City's dedicated officials through Gahanna Direct. This intuitive portal ensures that your concerns are channeled to the precise department and division responsible for swift action. Your requests are automatically streamlined, guaranteeing an efficient and effective response. Gahanna Direct also allows you to check back on a reported incident at any time for a status update from the City.  This portal can be accessed through the City’s website or through the mobile app found in the Apple Store or on Google Play.  

To Submit a Request:

  • From the Gahanna Direct Portal click New Request
  • Select the location of your request by entering an address, cross street, or use the GPS button
  • Click the Confirm Location button.
  • Scroll to the Category of your request
  • Select the specific issue you would like to report.
  • If you can do so safely please take a picture of the issue being submitted
  • Enter a brief description of the problem.
  • Answer any questions that are presented.
  • Confirm your details.
  • Click Submit