How do I report mosquito problems or find out about mosquito spraying in my neighborhood?

The City of Gahanna has contracted with the Franklin County Public Health (FCPH) for mosquito control. FCPH uses an Integrated Pest Management approach with a public health focus to reduce and control disease carrying mosquitoes. Various tools and techniques are utilized throughout the mosquito season to help control the population. These include: larviciding areas of stagnant water to prevent mosquitoes from hatching, surveillance of adult populations by the use of traps, testing of mosquitoes for the presence of disease, adulticiding (spraying) to reduce adult populations and implementing a variety of educational materials and awareness approaches.


Call the FCPH Mosquito Bite Line at614-525-BITE (2483) to submit a request for service or to report mosquito problems or concerns. The Bite Line is a voicemail system so please leave a detailed message. All submissions will be processed in the order received. FCPH will make an attempt to respond to reported mosquito problems or concerns within one business day. This may include a site visit to the location reported and/or telephone call to try and obtain further information.

Testing & Spraying

During mosquito season, FCPH will set traps out every Monday night throughout central Ohio and test the mosquitoes on Tuesday for mosquito-borne diseases, such as the West Nile Virus. The criteria for spaying is based on an increase of mosquitoes trapped and/or if mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus. Click here to view the weekly trap data. If there is a need to treat a specific area in Gahanna, pre-spray maps will be featured on the City of Gahanna's website prior to treatment. Click here to view local spray maps.

Additional Information

Visit Franklin County Public Health's Mosquito Management Program homepage at for more detailed information regarding the general biology of mosquitoes, eliminating mosquitoes from your home, repellent information, management plan, spraying details and more. Forms are also available online to report problems or concerns (request for service) and do not spray requests.

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