Do I have to fill out a form?

No. To be sure we understand your request, we might ask questions and make notes, or you can choose to put your request in writing through the City's Public Records Request Portal.

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1. How do I know who has the records I need? Who do I ask?
2. Do I have to give you my name, address, or phone number?
3. Do I have to fill out a form?
4. Am I allowed to have everything in your files?
5. How far back can I see records?
6. How soon will the records be ready for me to look at or have copies of?
7. Is there a limit to how often I can request records?
8. Is there a limit to how many records I can ask for?
9. How much do record copies cost?
10. What kinds of non-paper copies can I ask for?
11. Can I take records to a commercial copying store or my home computer to make my own copies?
12. What if I only need some of the information in a document or file?
13. Are emails public records?
14. Can I ask for a list of email messages you printed then deleted?