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1. What is the purpose of the Rental Registration requirement?
2. What is considered a residential rental property?
3. How often must the property be registered?
4. What is the registration process?
5. What happens if I don’t register my rental property?
6. When must the information be filed?
7. Who can file the rental registration?
8. How much is the registration and permit fee?
9. Do I have to register my single-family dwelling if I (the owner) live at the property?
10. Do I have to register my duplex or multi-unit if I (the owner) occupy one of the units?
11. Do I have to register my property if I rent to my family or friends?
12. Do I have to register my property if the tenant doesn't pay rent but is making repairs or updates to the property?
13. Do I have to register my Airbnb?
14. Can I use a P.O. Box as an address?
15. What if I sell the property?
16. What will the inspector be looking for?
17. Do I have to be present at the time of the inspection?
18. What happens if violations are found during the inspection?