Public Utilities

The City of Gahanna, through both the Public Service and Engineering Departments, manage all underground utilities.  This includes Water, Sanitary Sewer, and Storm Water infrastructure.  Public Drinking Water is provided by the City of Columbus and waste water is sent to the City of Columbus for treatment.  The City of Gahanna is responsible for all capital improvements related to each of these utilities.  These utilities and waste collection are billed on a monthly basis through the Utility Billing Department.  

As part of these responsibilities the City publishes various reports required by federal and state regulators.  

CMOM Reports

Other Programs & Related Information

Capacity Management Operations and Maintenance Program

The City of Gahanna is classified as a satellite community because it does not treat its own wastewater. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has ordered all satellite communities operating a wastewater collection system to implement a capacity management operations and maintenance (CMOM) program to manage collection system assets and ensure compliance of best management practices developed by the industry. Therefore, the City of Gahanna is required to implement its own CMOM program. It is important for residents who are not tied to the City's sanitary system to properly maintain their home sewer treatment system (HSTS).

Download: Homeowner's Guide to Septic Systems (PDF)