Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission shall have the jurisdiction derived from Article XIII of the Charter, and the power, and duty to hear and decide appeals/grievances from administrative determinations pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Rules and Regulations as enacted by Council and the Codified Ordinances. The Commission shall have such other powers, duties, and functions as provided by ordinance and in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements. The City may, from time to time, contract with other public entities.

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Regular & Special Meetings

  • All meetings held as needed

Organizational Meetings

  • Held in January each year

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available 24 hours before a meeting and minutes are posted within 2 weeks following a meeting.

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Appeals & Employment Applications

Please email the Human Resources Department during the application process. Any inquiries regarding an appeal process, please contact us.

Reference: Appeals/Grievances, Chapter 149.05