Real Eastate Taxes

Real Estate Taxes

Real Estate taxes are based on the tax rate where the property is located and the taxable value of your property as determined by the Franklin County Auditor. Real estate tax bills and collections are processed by the Franklin County Treasurer. For questions about your tax bill and options for payment contact the Franklin County Treasurer's Office at 614-525-3438.

The total effective tax rate in Gahanna is different across each of the 3 tax districts:

  • 025 - City of Gahanna - GJSD - Mifflin Twp - 82.3444926 mills per $1,000 in Assessed Value
  • 027 - City of Gahanna - GJSD - Jefferson Twp -  78.275613 mills per $1,000 in Assessed Value

Real Estate Tax: How Much Do I Owe

($200,000 Assessed Value)

2022 Real Estate TaxCity PortionRetiree/Under 18
$5,227.35$147.00No Income Tax

Your Real Estate Tax Dollar at Work